Board of Directors

Waco Habitat’s board members are volunteers who come from a variety of backgrounds with the resources, wisdom, and passion to lead in constructive, effective, and meaningful ways. The board of directors operates independently of Habitat for Humanity International and in accordance with its own set of bylaws. The Waco Habitat board is charged with long-term planning and governance, as well as overseeing the organization’s interests and well-being. Within these broad areas, the board develops policy, sets strategic priorities, governs, oversees finances, and raises funds, among other activities.

2019 – 2020 Board Members

  • Gina Long – President
  • Diane Mason – Secretary
  • Justus Lindsey – Treasurer

Board Members at Large

  • Lisa Listach-Carter
  • Tony Chaffin
  • Brian Coats
  • Jessica Gates
  • LaTricia Griffin
  • Chuck McDaniel
  • Al Siddiq

Board Members Emeritus

  • Rick Allen
  • Jay Bryngelson
  • Ben Dever
  • Diana Ward